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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

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Let's face it, SoCal residence do not know how to handle rain. Literally our days get turned upside down because it is raining. We all forget how to drive, your mom tells you to stay home because a tree might fall on your car and doing anything other then what is completely necessary goes out the window. I know how bad we needed rain, but I hate it! It totally messes me up. All I want to do is curl up on the couch and stuff my face with food. Who seriously wants to drive to Pilates in this weather? Not me! I am not my usual self in this weather, I'm in a huge rain funk.
But tomorrow is a new day. If the weather goes according to plan we should be looking forward to a partially sunny day. I'll take what I can get. My mom and I will be heading over to South Coast Plaza to meet some friends for a mother daughter lunch. I LOVE South Coast, but considering I am on a self inflicted ban it is going to be very painful and difficult to walk around salivating over all the goodies and not buy anything. I'm going to be good I promise! Maybe I will pick things out for my mom, that is always a good distraction. The rain better go away, driving to the OC in rain will not be fun, but I am optimistic. I think I see the sun we all love so much trying to push through the clouds. Slowly but surely.
Happy Friday! xoxo


  1. stupid rain! i haven't done ANYTHING all week...not cool...have fun at SCP tomorrow!

  2. So in love with that umbrella! would love to sport that around

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  3. Thanks Deb, I didn't end up going my mom was sick :(.

    Thanks MissNeira!

  4. awww, sorry ur mom's sick....hope she's better! i was there yesterday and the CL store didn't have much in stock anyway... :)