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Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Lust List: Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2010

I have come to the conclusion that I always end up loving DVF's Spring collections more then Fall. This has proved to be correct for the past three years. I have been a huge fan of Madame Von Furstenberg's for quite some time. I have acquired a small collection over the past few years as previously mentioned. Here are some of my favorites that are all available for pre-order now on the DVF website.
Amman Dress in Multi. Love the beading and the retro feel this dress has. Just need some platforms and bangles for a perfect outfit.

Darina Dress in Tribal Daisy Bands Yellow. This dress is so boho chic. It is so flowy and makes me want to put flowers in my hair. It would be a super fab prego dress as well. One day....

Mademoiselle X Dress in Tribal Daisy Bands Blue. Really like the color combo here. I like the gathered look and how it is flowy, but still form fitting.

Swann Dress in Palace Tiger Green. This one might be my favorite. I love the color and the chiffon ruffle skirt. I need to wear this dress and go back to Miami. My only concern is that I aready own three DVF dresses in different shades of blue. How many is too many?

Milton Dress in Nude. This dress would look so smokin hot with a tan. I love the simple sexiness of it. Unfortunately I think I would be spilling out of it and it would not work for me. If I was more of an orange girl, then a grapefruit girl this dress would be beautiful.

So there you have it. My Friday Lust List. I'm going to try and do this every Friday. Since there is always something new I'm lusting after, it shouldn't be a problem.

Happy Friday!

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