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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have been in a Christmacoma for what seems like forever, really since last week. You would think that having a four day weekend would make me feel energized, but in reality every day started at about 7am and ended around 2am. By Sunday I was exhausted and felt like I was getting sick, sure enough I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week home in my pjs. While that sounds great, I'm not the type of person who can just lay around all day every day. I get very tired, sleepy, depressed and well I fell into a Christmacoma. With the holidays being so busy, I have completely fallen off my pilates and exercise wagon. As mush as I tried to eat well, I love food too much and now I just feel like I am slipping down lower and lower on a very slippery slope. I'm sure all of this has added to my Christmacoma and I feel like I have fallen and I can't get up.

Tonight it's New Year's Eve! I'm hoping and praying to drag myself out of my funk. I'm stuck at work until 4pm, which means I have about 30 minutes to get dolled up and head out the door with my dear hubby. Thankfully, I blew out my hair last night and the outfit is already planned. We have a stop to make on our way to a romantic NYE dinner for two at BLT. Don't know what the rest of the night has in store for us, but we will see where we end up.
Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year's Eve!
Good bye 2009, hello 2010!

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