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Thursday, December 10, 2009

On the job- Black Friday shopping!

Yes I am crazy and I actually like to go shopping on Black Friday. And yes I did actually drag my poor husband along too. I don’t know what it is, but I truly feel like it’s the first day of the holiday season and I get really excited. I don’t necessarily shop, but I like to see all the people out and about. Our day started at 8am when hubs actually dragged me to a hardware store for some crazy early morning deals. He was very excited and it was cute. I on the other hand, was probably the only female in that entire store and had all these middle-aged men looking at me wondering wtf I was doing there at 8am. This part of our adventure was over rather quickly, considering we knew exactly what we were there for, found it, paid for it and we were out. Next we were off to what hubs refers to as my second home. All I really was looking for was a LBD to dress up or down for all the various holiday events coming up. The Neiman’s Black Friday sale was pretty disappointing. The sale racks were pretty packed, but the discount was nothing to get excited about. This was however a blessing in disguise because we stumbled upon this boutique right outside of Neiman’s that I had never even seen before. I saw this black dress in the window and it was even cuter on. Not only did I love it a lot more then anything I tried on at Neiman’s, but at $50 it was also a fraction of the price of any of the other dresses. Woohoo for me! This picture doesn't capture the details of the skirt. It is strapless and the skirt is all little square pieces of fabric all together. It actually reminded me this skirt from Ann Taylor
Like I said, it is so much cuter on. I will post more pictures when I wear it out this weekened!

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