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Monday, June 28, 2010

The City of Love....Paris


Everyone who has children tells young married couples the same thing..TRAVEL BEFORE YOU HAVE A BABY. With our second anniversary just one month away, the hubs and I have been hearing this for about 2 years. Although we would politely nod our heads yes and mindlessly say "I know" each time we would hear these words of wisdom, I don't think they really sunk into our heads or our way of thinking. I think deep down we both thought we would have no problem leaving our future baby or babies with their grandparents and taking off on a vacation. The reality is that both of our parents have their hands full with their current 4 grandchildren thanks to our sisters. The harsher reality is the fact that our parents are not getting any younger and I just don't think they will have the energy and patience to watch a child for a week or more 24/7.
On an even more personal note, the baby thing is just not happening. I am beginning to at least try and believe that there is a reason for it not happening now and maybe the reason is that we need to pack our bags, renew my passport and go see at least some of the World. Don't get me wrong, I plan to take trips with our children one day, I just don't think toting an infant around sight seeing is ideal.
So I have decided (and by default so has the hubs) that 2011 will be the year we go visit The City of Love, Paris. I haven't been to Paris in 10 years since my mom and I went to celebrate my 18th birthday and high school graduation. Also, I have been dreaming to go back since Mr. Big showed up and finally told Carrie she's "the one" at the end of the Sex and the City television series.

I actually first dreamt of finding a love like that, which I still can't believe I did and now that I have it, I want to go there with him. Life just passes too quickly. I feel that if we keep waiting around for the right time, 10 years are going to pass and we will be looking at each other thinking why didn't we ever go?
So I am taking action! Sure Spring 2011 is still far away, but really it isn't. I am starting my research and trying to narrow down exactly where we should go.

Have any of you ever been to France? Any ideas or tips to share would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. When you least expect or plan it is when it will happen. I have a friend who "tried" for so long to get pregnant, and when they stopped trying it happened. I think till then, enjoy life and travel as much as your wallet allows you to :) I'm planning on going to Paris next year as well! I've always wanted to go and promised myself I would do so for my 30th birthday! Can't wait!

  2. All this Paris talk has to stop!!! Everyone has been talking france and italy lately and it is driving me NUTS! I need to go back - STAT!!!This time next year I will be taking a chunky dunk in the Mediterranean Sea and that is that!

  3. Paris is an amazing city, you should Le Marais, Montmartre, it is so beautiful!
    There are so many beautiful cities in France, there is a lot to see !

  4. I love Paris so much. I totally agree with Elise that Montmartre is so beautiful. It gives you a sense of what Paris was like a hundred years ago. A trip to Galaries Lafayette has to be done as well! Versailles palace and gardens is also beautiful to visit.

    Nice in France is definitely a 2nd favourite to Paris, such an easy going City. The old town there is like another World. Sorry, I'm a bit obsessed with France!:)SarahD

  5. Ah bella you will go to Paris and have a great time! You will tell us all about it because you are a fantastic blogger and fashionista!! Plan, go and have is short and passes us by way to quickly. Enjoy your love, love of life and love of shoes!!!
    Anxiously waiting for Paris pics from you!!!
    Fantastic pictures and great blog. You truly brought me back to when I was 12 years old reading my first Vogue Magazine. I loved every single page and dreaming to one day go to Paris and Italy to shop, and see the the most beautiful pieces of art work, clothing, shoes and handbags being made.
    Enjoy Madamemoiselle!

  6. Ha ha ha My husband of almost 2 years and I are doing exactly that: going to Europe for two weeks for one last big trip before kids come along! I can't wait to see Paris this September. Love your blog!

  7. Oh Faith you have to tell me all about it when you get back! thanks so much!