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Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Chanel, Our love is just not meant to be....

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I think every fashion obsessed girl dreams of that one day when she will own her very first Chanel handbag. I think I was being somewhat practical when I said I would only want one to own forever. A Timeless Classic Jumbo in black caviar leather with silver hardware. Well this "goal" has quickly become a love that is simply just not to be.

If the latest Chanel price increases are a preview of what is yet to come, then I can almost be positive that a Chanel handbag will not call my closet home. I already couldn't fathom the idea of spending this much on one bag, but the Jumbo just went from $2650 to $2850! With SoCal tax, that is a grand total of $3128!!!!! If I even had that much to spend at once for shopping, I think I'd have a mild heart attack while paying. Yes I know, the cost of this one gorgeous bag is the same as a few pairs of designer shoes, but for some reason I think my husband can stomach the shoe prices more then the Chanel price. I am forgetting to mention the huge factor, that even if I could buy the bag of all bags, finding it is almost impossible at this point. As mentioned over at Madison Avenue Spy the Chanel inventory is down to nothing. Waitlists have names well into the 100s if not higher.

So my dear Chanel, I will just have to love you from afar. Drool over collections like Purse Addict's. I will dream of what could have been, but then I will look down at my fabulous shoes and remember that my first love was there all along.

Happy Monday guys! (I'd rather be home, but what can we do?) I haven't been out to anywhere exciting in over a month, On the Catwalk posts will return soon I promise!



  1. Aw it so true, a girl can only dream..and drool

  2. I just don't understand who is paying $3k for a simple (*gasp*) Chanel handbag, especially in this economy! To top it all off, if you have the $$ to spend on one of these pieces of art, you're telling me you can't buy it? WHY NOT?!?!

    I am STILL shocked that I couldn't find specific shoes or my size ANYWHERE when I decided to spend $800+ on my first pair of Louboutin's. My thoughts were WHO THE HELL IS BUYING OUT THE WAREHOUSE OF SHOES IN MY SIZE?? And second, WHY AREN'T THERE ENOUGH TO GO AROUND???

    Limited edition items piss me off, and ESPECIALLY when they aren't even supposed to be 'limited.'

    As for the outfit posts...I'm sure we will have TONS of pics on the catwalk in NYC - 11 more days!

  3. I feel your pain! There are so many designer clothes I wish I could have, but they're all just too expensive! Although, there is some hope...have you checked out sample sale sites, like gilt groupe?

    here's my invite incase you want it:

    hope you'll check out my blog at

  4. Neira, dream and stalk on ebay...maybe one day.

    AR, can't wait for nyc catwalk pics!!!! Less then 2 weeks!

    Jenny, thanks Jenny. I'm on gilt all the time :)

  5. girl, I hear you!!!! Chanel is getting ridiculously priced!! not like it wasn't already before though!! I love, love Chanel too. Chanel and Hermes. I think lots of ppl satiate their need for an Hermes Birkin by buying lots of Chanels..


  6. if you work hard you will get it one day!

  7. the working hard is not the issue, my husband having a heart attack is lol. but ya one day maybe, who knows, one might just fall into my lap!

  8. I don't think I could ever justify spending that much money on a single bag. And even if I could justify it, my significant other certainly wouldn't! By the time I could ever afford one, prices will likely be hovering around the $4000 mark. Looks like it'll be second hand for me.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the prices are outrageous. I do have to say that Chanel is doing a great job of keeping their bags "luxury" items. I really do wonder if the demand will decrease any time soon. I'm no economist, but most things reach their peak at some point.

    Love your blog, btw :)

  9. Lemme know if you're still interested :) One of my bestest SAs is in NYC so theres no tax for CA gals :) Just price of bag + shipping!