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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On the Job...Spring Essentials for Less

Over the weekend, I decided to check out the new location of Blush in Calabasas. The Encino location is convenient after my pilates class, but Calabasas is closer to home. I found two casual pieces that are essential for Spring. I had seen similar styles at Bloomies, but for much more.

White cotton button down shirt/tunic with mini pleat detailing for $48.

Similar look for $125 at Bloomies

Also found the softest striped racer back tank for $28

Similar look for $118

Some pieces for your wardrobe, spending more is worth it. If it's a timeless classic or a unique peice go for it and splurge. But basics like this that get worn out or you might get bored with, it is always wise to look for the similar styles for less.


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