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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On the Catwalk...Wedding Season is Here!

Hello Loves! It's my favorite time of year again, that's right Wedding Season has started earlier this year. This past Saturday was the first of five weddings we have coming up and also one fabulous engagement party :) I'm very happy and thankful that our lives are filled with such joyous and loving occasions.
Most of you know that I have not been feeling like my fabulous self lately, probably since the beginning of the year I have felt like a crazy person has taken over my body and my mind. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my own skin and that definitely takes a toll on my emotional state of mind.
With that said, doing one of my favorite activities (dressing up) was not as fun as it use to be. I have until July for this feeling to pass, just in time for my bestie's engagement party and two fabulous weddings.
In the mean time, here are some pics of my Catwalk look from Saturday night...




What I'm wearing:
BCBG dress- bought ages ago from I have no idea where
Brian Atwood rose gold Maniacs- Net-A-Porter
Louis Vuitton Vernis bronze clutch

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!


  1. You look gorgeous! I love the dress & the shoes!

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  3. You look beautiful Aida. Love the outfit, the Maniacs are Manic!!!

  4. Loving the bronze!!! Waiting on a Bazaar post, is one coming along?? :)

  5. You look beautiful! Love those rose gold atwoods - just followed your blog :)