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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On the Catwalk...Two Weeks, Two Weddings

Let me start by apologizing for my long absence from the blogger world. I was really sick and my personal life has been taking a lot more of my time and energy these days. To make it up to you all, you get two looks in one post today! We had two weddings to attend in two weeks. At the first wedding I was so ridiculously sick, I don't know how I managed to even get dressed. The second wedding was fun and I think I saw everyone I haven't seen in the last five years. We have one more wedding coming up, then a nice break until July 2011. Then it starts all over again :)

Wedding #1

Wedding #2


Look #1
DVF strapless black wool dress, bought from Nordstrom in 2004.
YSL black patent Tributes
Louis Vuitton balck epi clutch (not pictured)
Rhinestone flower ring from Forever 21

Look #2
Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, bought from Net-A-Porter in 2008.
Christian Louboutin Titi in multi glitter.
Louis Vuitton black epi clutch (not pictured)

As you can all see there is a pattern of shopping in my closet for both of these looks. There is a lot on my "Want List" and a new dress for every wedding did not make the cut. I recycled and did a little mix and match with some previous looks. The hubs was thrilled I didn't run out to buy a new dress, but he has officially banned the Marc Jacobs dress from coming back out for at least two years!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. LOl I'm surprised the husband allowed the MJ dress at the last wedding! I thought he already banned it LOL! It looks super cute with the CL titi's

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  3. Love the Loubs Titi! A *nice addition to the outfit xoxo

  4. You looked great for both weddings. Can't tell you were sick in your 1st pic. The Loubs worked perfectly with the dress.

  5. you look stunning for a sick person... wish i looked like that when i'm sick! Love both outfits ... especially those Titis.

  6. awesome glitter heels!!


  7. You looked fantastic!

    I love repurposing clothes :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - it means a lot to me. Please just email if you have any questions - I'll be glad to help :)

  8. Love the shoes & dress ~ you guys look so cute together! I just joined your blog today, Sarah from is my daughter. I've got to tell you, you've got some neat stuff on your blog! Good luck with all of your posts!!

  9. You searched extraordinary for both weddings. Can't let you know were wiped out in your first pic. The Loubs worked superbly with the dress.

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